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Heal your nervous system.  Feel safe to move forward. Design the life you love.

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Your 20 Second Self Evaluation:​

This will only take a moment, promise! Do any of these describe you?

You’re afraid to let loose or have fun because it might mean getting uncomfortable and losing control, which reminds your nervous system of all those times you felt vulnerable and unsafe in the past.


Your mediocre is probably most people’s personal best, but you still find yourself worrying that you’re lazy, a procrastinator or should be doing more—your nervous system’s attempt to keep you safely performing.



You find yourself in a repeating loop of committing to ALL the things, getting overwhelmed, withdrawing from the world to hide in a Netflix binge, then shaming yourself to get it together and recommit to ALL the things.



You tell yourself that maybe there are just some things in life you can’t have—fulfillment, love, true boundaries, freedom from old narratives—but the belief might actually be that you feel unworthy of going after or receiving the things you deserve.



You feel like you’re always on the move but have nothing to show for it. 



You’ve worked so hard to avoid the pitfalls your parents, siblings, friends or coworkers have fallen prey to, but you doubt if you’ve actually been able to outrun the things you’ve avoided.



You wake up each day hoping something will be different—that something will suddenly snap into place—but it always seems to be just another repeat of the same.



And you’re exhausted. 110% OVER IT.

What if everything about you made sense?


I’ve been exactly where you are. I’ve carried the responsibility of everything and everyone. I’ve gotten to the end of every to do list and felt anything but accomplished. I’ve woken up tired because, great, here’s another day just like all the ones before it.

Unidentified childhood trauma meant I moved through life wearing a mask to cover up my constant fear, shame and feelings of unworthiness. And all that time, it looked like I was “succeeding” to everyone else.

I’m not a quitter though, and my guess is you aren’t either. You’re what I like to call a highly resilient, ambitious woman. So, that means we’ll keep on keepin’ on until we can keep on no more. 

If you’re any of those statements above, then I’d bet my last dollar this is also you:

You know—like really, truly, undeniably KNOW—you are meant to do great things. Impossible things. Things only YOU can do.

You don’t need to convince me. I’m absolutely positive that’s true of you. Now let’s get you there.

Why Trauma-Informed Coaching?

It's Not You, It's Your Nervous System.TM

Nothing is wrong with you. You make sense. In fact, every single thing you do—every behavior—makes sense through the lens of trauma and self-protection. When your nervous system is overwhelmed from past trauma or current stress, the walls come up and you shut down.

With a trauma-informed approach to life coaching, we’ll walk through a process designed to reintroduce safety into your nervous system so you can begin to heal. 

This isn’t theory. We’ll go through evidence-based research that proves you make sense, and we’ll break down exactly what’s been happening in your brain and your body.

What You'll Gain From Coaching:


Everyone will have their own unique experience with coaching. Here’s some of the benefits you'll begin to access:

  • A newfound sense of power over your thoughts, emotions and behaviors

  • An understanding of your behaviors through the lens of your nervous system 

  • Freedom from feeling stuck or isolated

  • Healing from attachment and emotional pain

  • Useful, practical tools and resources designed to empower you

  • A new perspective on life and the people around you

  • Authentic connection

  • Your voice and purpose

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Find out if trauma informed life coaching is the right fit for you.



Confirm your details & get ready for change.



You’re safe. You’re amazing. Let’s do this—together.

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Let's Break It Down.


Here's the concepts you'll learn in the program:


Your Operating System


You deserve to understand the way your brain and body was designed to operate. We can't wait for you to see that science says you make sense.

You will learn 

  • Your brain development and structure
  • The purpose and process of your nervous system
  • How your body detects cues of safety and danger in your environment
  • The way it responds to threats
  • How your body finds safety


You Make Sense


Now that you understand the basic structure of the nervous system, we will expand on the three primary and three blended states of your nervous system, based on The Polyvagal Theory.  We will determine how you experience each state personally so you can better understand your patterns and behaviors through a lens of biology and physiology so you can finally see that you make sense. 

You will identify

  • How you personally experience each state of the nervous system
  • The emotions, thoughts and behaviors associated with each state
  • The ways your sense of agency differs depending on each state
  • How your body somatically experiences each state


How to Overcome Triggers


By now, you will have completed assignments that help you identify nervous system patterns in your daily life.  We will use this information to identify what is causing you to shift through these physiological states. 
You will learn 
  • Regulation exercises to help you experience Ventral, your place of safety and connection
  • Your personal trigger patterns
  • The most common types of triggers for each state
  • Your state determines your story



Discover Your Safe Resources


Now that you understand your nervous system and what is causing you to state shift, we will expand on somatic tools, regulation resources and embodied practices to help you begin to move yourself out of self-protection and into safety and connection again.  You deserve to feel relaxed, connected and socially engaged.  It is possible for you to truly rest, enjoy life and let your guard down. We will equip you with tools to make it happen! 

You will begin to 

  • Understand what types of resources work for you personally 
  • Identify which somatic tools work best for each specific state
  • Learn new regulation resources to help you get unstuck


Understand Attachment


Healthy, thriving and emotionally safe relationships are not just for the chick flicks.  If you haven't experienced them for yourself yet, there is a perfectly good explanation.  We will help you discover your attachment style, so you can better understand your relational patterns and heal the underlying wounds.  Before you know it, you'll be attracting all of the emotionally safe and mature people! 

You will be able to

  • Recognize your attachment style and how it has impacted your current and previous relationships
  • Understand how our nervous systems play a role in our attachment styles 
  • Identify why your historical relational patterns make sense
  • Gain a roadmap towards secure attachment


Heal Your Core Wounds


Next, we will identify the core wounds and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and more importantly, you will learn how to begin healing them!

You will

  • Understand the experience and belief cycle
  • Identify the core wounds and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in an unhelpful loop
  • Determine how to heal core wounds through embodying disconfirming experiences
  • Somatically process the events that created the core wound


Validate Your Younger Self


With kindness, curiosity and compassion we will begin to identify and heal the many parts of us through somatic internal family systems and inner child work.

You will

  • Meet your inner child
  • Discover the main source of your triggers
  • Gain tools to begin to identify and integrate the many parts of you
  • Begin giving the younger parts of you what they needed when you were younger


Break Generational Patterns


I know you are ready to draw a line in the sand for your family's patterns. We will gain tools to identify and begin healing intergenerational trauma.

You will start to

  • Understand the science of Epigenetics
  • Identify the patterns and behaviors that have been wrecking havoc on your family so that they can finally end with you

You are safe here.

When you begin to feel safe, you will begin to heal.

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Here's the Details:

One on One Program Details:

  • Twelve (12), 60-minute one on one virtual coaching sessions​​ 

  • Unlimited email and text message support​ with Coach for 3 months 

  • Supplemental recorded lessons to expand on select subjects 

  • A workbook to take notes, review concepts and self reflect​ 

  • Somatic Self Regulation Tools to reshape your nervous system​​ 

  • Teaching materials and exercises to help you apply what you learn 

  • Weekly accountability check-ins, dependent on goals​ 

  • Impromptu emergency calls, as needed 

  • 50+ Journal Prompts to rediscover your most authentic self​ 



  • Option to add additional 1:1 coaching sessions 

  • Access to Monthly Alumni Calls with community after program

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Meet Your Coaches

 We are so glad you are here!

Hi, I'm Cortney!

I founded You Can Heal With Us, to help highly-resilient and ambitious women like you receive education, resources and tools to actually integrate and process their past pain and trauma. 

I've spent the last 7 years pursuing my own healing and teaching others how to do the same through speaking, training and coaching.

I am a firm believer that God brilliantly designed our bodies to self-protect, adapt and heal.  Most of us have had life experiences that have unknowingly caused us to adapt and self-protect to the extreme and need a little help relearning how to feel safe again so we can finally heal.  I am honored to get to walk alongside some of the bravest and resilient women I know as they step into true healing. I can't wait to show you that you are safe and you make sense!

Hi, I'm Katie!

I've been where you are. I attended traditional talk therapy for years and spent countless hours reading "self help" books, but nothing seemed to change.  I felt incredibly stuck and frustrated in my own life.  

It wasn't until I did this program, learned the tools to physically (instead of just cognitively) implement into my daily life and learned how to SHOW my body that I was safe that I started to transform and become who I always knew I was created to be.

Now, I have the privilege of meeting other women where they are and helping them get to where they want to be. It's an honor to be able to teach you everything I have learned and walk with you through the same steps I took to finally experience freedom. You deserve to heal!

We are trauma informed and trained practitioners.

We take our training and education very seriously.  Between the two of us, we have received trainings in the following: 

Somatic Experiencing through the Trauma Healing Institute founded by Dr. Peter Levine

Polyvagal Theory by Dr. Stephen Porges and Deb Dana, LCSW

Attachment Theory

Internal Family Systems

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What people are saying:

I am the girl who has tried it all -- from years of therapy offices and reading every self help book known to man to oils, crystals and affirmations -- I have been on the hunt for my healing for the last decade. While all those modalities have been important in my path to healing, none has been as impactful as the coaching program I invested in with Cortney.


She has a way of speaking directly to the places that used to get me stuck before so that they could be seen and healed once and for all. I finally feel like I am off the rollercoaster.


She helped me to look at my story in a new way, while giving me ways to support my body for real forward movement, which has in turn, helped me to gain back my peace and real joy. I am no longer the victim in my story. I am equipped, empowered and unleashed for my greatest purpose.

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