The Exclusive Program

A five month private and personalized one-on-one healing program designed to educate and equip you with trauma informed context and somatic based tools, as well as provide gentle and safe somatic experiential healing so you can finally integrate unresolved pain and embody the lasting transformation you desire. 

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The Exclusive Program

A five month private and personalized one-on-one healing program designed to educate and equip you with trauma informed context and somatic based tools, as well as provide gentle and safe somatic experiential healing so you can finally integrate unresolved pain and embody the lasting transformation you desire. 

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We deeply trust your ability to know, in an embodied felt-sense way, which type of container is right for you. 

If you are one of those people who would not, under any circumstances, want to experience a group container, then girl, we think this personalized, exclusively one-on one-program is right for you. 


(And if you change your mind as you heal with us, we know a great group of women who will welcome you with open arms once you are ready to meet them. You are always welcome here.)

We are proud of you for honoring your nervous system’s needs.


This 100% personalized healing program will pair you with one of our highly sought out somatic and trauma trained practitioners.
Your somatic integration practitioner, who has been where you are, will gently support you week after week with our the wisdom, tools and resources that will help you begin to see that you aren’t actually broken at all.

 “I've never felt as safe with anyone, as I did with Katie.”


My favorite part was having a safe place.  Feeling like I could be completely honest and open, and process through my feelings and body's response.  I felt I was truly able to heal more each week.  I've never felt as safe with anyone as I did with Katie.  The knowledge she brings to each session is POWERFUL!

In the first two months of the program, your somatic practitioner will teach you our Healing Foundations Class curriculum in a way that is personalized and meaningful to you.


As she gets to know you and your nervous system, using somatic experiencing techniques and skills, she will begin helping you integrate unresolved or stuck pain and trauma and begin healing your nervous system to ensure you aren’t just taking in new context but fully embodying the healing.

 “Thanks to the breakthrough I have experienced at Michelle's direction, it's as if I am experiencing true freedom again.” 

I have learned to have compassion for myself which led to forgiveness of who I was. I also have learned to appreciate and have compassion for the road I've been on, because I wouldn't be the strong, resilient, caring, God-fearing woman I am today. I am thankful to have been shown that I have power over my past and it does not dictate who I am, or who I am becoming.

This program is designed to provide you with both the top down (logical brain to body) foundational education, awareness and regulation of the Phase II of healing AND the experiential bottom up (body to logical brain) phase III integration you need to address the subcortical brain (survival, emotional and implicit memory), nervous system and body for long lasting transformation.

No more wondering what’s wrong with you.


By the end of this 20 week program, you will have turned that inner chaos and shame into life-long self-trust, compassion and inner peace.


We invite you to check in right now and notice, does this FEEL like hope to you?


Because you aren’t stuck or helpless anymore.


You are for sure in the right place to heal.

“My biggest transformation has been learning to trust myself and feeling safe in my own body."


I didn't realize that so many of the struggles I was experiencing when I would be triggered could be so much less triggering if I felt safe with myself and wasn't looking outside of myself to find safety. I don't feel like a victim anymore. I feel powerful and capable of taking care of myself.

What do you actually get when you join the Exclusive Program?

20 One-Hour 1:1 Sessions

($5,000 value)

You’ll never feel alone in your healing journey, girl. Come to these 1:1 coaching calls with your Somatic Integration Practitioner and find a safe place to somatically process pain so that you can integrate healing in a way that’s different than talk therapy. Take the concepts you’re learning to the next level so that you feel equipped to face triggers and challenges, without feeling lost.

Transformational Healing Workbook (shipped to your door!)

($197 value)

Each week includes its own implementation workbook, specific to the Exclusive program, that will provide you with context and exercises to apply what you're learning and deepen your awareness and understanding in your real life. The workbook is  where transformation meets reality. You don’t have to print it yourself, either! It’ll land on your doorstep, ready to use. 

Somatic Regulation Toolkit

($197 value)

Befriend and reshape your nervous system with these self-regulation and somatic tools. You’ll get to the next level of your healing journey, begin to process uncomfortable sensations, and introduce more safety for your system.


Exclusive Healing Journal Prompts

($97 value)

How would it feel to hold space for your emotions and needs, as opposed to shaming yourself or feeling like a burden? Rediscover your most authentic self and meet yourself with compassion when you self-reflect with any one of these 50+ journal prompts exclusive to clients.


The Drama Triangle Video Series

($497 value)

Deepen your understanding of the most common conflict pattern so that you can be aware of how the nervous system plays a role and how regulation can help you avoid this conflict. Dodge pointless fights, and instead have more patience with your kids, partner or spouse, family, and coworkers!

Trauma's Impact on Brain Video Series

($497 value)

Each one of us has an authentic self - who you were and who God made you to be before the pain or the trauma got ahold of you. Begin to uncover that authentic self by understanding the context of how your brain is affected by stress so that you can claim your power to regulate yourself whenever a stressful moment arises.

1:1 Text and Voice Connection to Your Somatic Integration Practitioner

($1,997 value)

We start to heal the moment we feel heard. Get 1:1 text and voice access to your Somatic Integration Practitioner between calls, so that you can feel heard, get unstuck, and receive more support around the concepts you’re learning each week through a walkie-talkie voice and text app for more private and intimate conversations.


Emotional Brain Dump Guide

($297 value)

Work through overwhelming events that feel too big to process, by breaking the event down into smaller pieces that feel more manageable to navigate and take action.


Back Pocket Somatic Toolkit

($97 value)

This simple gameplan is like a somatic regulation toolkit in your back pocket to use whenever you’re under stress. Help yourself in the moment when feeling dysregulated instead of hauling around your binder and being overwhelmed looking through 75+ options.

Sensation Tracker Follow-Along

($97 value)

Strengthen your body’s felt sense of safety by following this somatic sensation tracking exercise.


14 Exclusive Audio Meditations

($297 value)

Get exclusive access to a compilation of 14 somatic, intergenerational trauma healing, and breathwork meditations, all used to effectively rewire your brain and reshape your nervous system as you gradually move through the healing process.


Identify the Part E-book

($97 value)

This exclusive workbook, which has only been available to our prior coaching clients, shortens the path to processing triggers and self-healing. You don't have to stay stuck in a state where you’re worried and stressed about the future so often, or as if everyone is against you. Instead, pull yourself out of feeling defeated, self-regulate instead of only depending on others, and show yourself grace and self-love.


Somatic Tool Video Demos

($97 value)

Just in case you need the reminder, these video demonstrations provide you a quick reference on how to apply a somatic tool to your real life whenever you feel stressed in the moment.

Meet Your Somatic Integration Practitioners

Hi, I'm Katie!

I've been where you are. I attended traditional talk therapy for years and spent countless hours reading "self-help" books, but nothing seemed to change. I felt incredibly stuck and frustrated in my own life.

It wasn't until I worked with Cortney, learned the tools to physically (instead of just cognitively) implement into my daily life, and learned how to SHOW my body that I was safe that I started to transform and become who I always knew I was created to be.

Since then, I’ve invested dozens of hours mastering my skills as a trauma-informed coach. I have the privilege of meeting other women where they are and helping them get to where they want to be.

It's an honor to be able to teach you everything I have learned and walk with you through the same steps I took to finally experience freedom. You deserve to heal!

Watch Katie's Story

Hi, I'm Michelle!

I am so excited that you’re here! During my time as a fitness professional for almost a decade, I knew a thing or two about health and wellness… or so I thought. I’ve worked with countless clients over the years helping them to lose weight, lower blood pressure, increase muscle mass, and so forth.

However, I began noticing that even though my clients were reaching their goals on paper, they either weren’t consistent long term or they remained unfulfilled in their personal lives. They were still repeating the same dysfunctional patterns over and over again, stuck in a vicious cycle. That’s when I decided to leave the fitness industry and embark on a new journey.

After investing in numerous trainings and courses to become a trauma-informed coach, it all makes sense now. YOU make sense! There is a unique reason that you function the way that you do. There is a reason that you’re stuck on that merry go round of toxicity in that relationship… and there’s a way to safely get off.

It is my life’s work to coach you, walk alongside you, and cheer you back to safety. It wasn’t until I started doing this work on myself that I found true fulfillment and purpose in my own life and within my relationships. It is an honor to be able to share this work with you. You can heal with us!

Watch Michelle's Story
Give me the details!

Let's recap what you get in this 1:1 experience!


The Exclusive Program includes:

  • 20 one-hour 1:1 Sessions ($5000 value)

  • Healing Foundations Class Curriculum ($1,895 value)

  •  Transformational Healing Workbook ($197 value)

  • Somatic Regulation Toolkit ($197 value)

  • Exclusive Healing Journal Prompts ($97 value)

  •  The Drama Triangle Video Series ($497 value)

  • Trauma's Impact on Brain Video Series ($497 value)

  • 1:1 Text and Voice Connection to your Somatic Integration Practitioner for 20 weeks  ($1,997 value)


    Plus, BONUSES

  •  Emotional Brain Dump Guide ($297 value)

  • 4 Exclusive Audio Meditations ($297 value)

  • Identify The Part E-book ($97 value)

  • Somatic Tool Video Demos ($97 value)

  • Back Pocket Somatic Toolkit ($97 value)

  • Sensation Tracker Follow Along ($97 value)



The Exclusive Program is ready when you are,

but the spots are first come first serve.

You have two options to choose from:



 SAVE $200 if you pay in full



For 6 months

Need financing?

Would you like to pay a lump sum now and finance the rest of the payment over 6 months? Is there some other payment plan you need? If so, email us at [email protected] and let us know what you need and we will do our best to work with you!

Your next step:

Interested in joining us for the Exclusive Program? 

Apply now

After receiving your application, we'll carefully assess it to explore how we can best support your needs. If we find that our program aligns well with your goals, we'll reach out through the email you've provided to extend an invitation for you to join us on your healing journey.

“The investment is worth it!”

"I think about stewarding the resources of my life, and how this investment in my healing and freedom from strongholds gives me the capacity to freely serve God more fully. Trust that your investment in this program will expand your ability to make the positive impact you want to make on the people around you." 

 “Changed my entire life, changed my children’s lives, changed my marriage, changed every relationship! It saved me, I feel like I have been set free.”


Having Michelle each week to talk out the highs and the lows. To run to when I tried using my tools but I was still falling apart, to remind me that healing is a journey. I had constant support, which in the beginning I was scared to use….and we worked through that too! Again, it changed my life and my entire family’s life. 

Answers You Need to Make an Informed Choice

“I really truly believe Katie has helped me save my life and changed the trajectory of it for the better, without a doubt."


For me the most impactful revelations came through doing corrective experiencing with Katie.  Not only did she help me correct some really traumatic things in my life... But along side that she used the most gentle and meaningful somatic releases during them.  I still have trouble putting into words the feelings during and after these sessions and just the magnitude of the weight I felt lifted off of me and my life as a result of working with her. 

“If you KNEW without a doubt you would have life changing results, would you still be on the fence?”


It’s hard to quantify the worth of your healing. I would just say…I know it seems like a lot up front to invest in yourself, but if you KNEW without a doubt you would have life changing results, would you still be on the fence?? Probably not. Believe you can heal and your experience will pay you back tenfold.

“SO MUCH HEALING. Like, I can't even believe it. The progress I made in those 12 weeks would have taken me YEARS to make on my own.”


I know that healing is slow and trauma is fast, but I have to say that this was the "fastest" way to healing for me. Knowing I had a standing call every Tuesday kept me accountable to actually DO the work, which I may have pushed aside if I was doing it on my own. Now after the 12 weeks (plus 8 in the class), I feel like I have formed a habit of working on my parts and will easily continue it from here.

 “Every week we worked together I felt like I was chipping away at that pain and it is SO freeing.”


My marriage is stronger.  My children are happier and more regulated.  I feel safer in my body and in my relationships than I ever have.  I handle the stress of motherhood and marriage so differently.  I just feel healthier and more hopeful than I could have ever dreamed.  I thank God for Michelle and Cortney every day.

“The one-on-one's were monumental in helping me unburden trauma, big and small.”


It has given me a peace and a clearness I never knew I could have. Being heard and seen and supported like I was has made me look at who I spend time with and let fill my soul. Having a safe place to unburden and work through your trauma and all the emotions attached to it is priceless. It is being heard and seen on a whole other level. I can say when I hear Cortney's voice tears come easily because those parts know we are safe.