Client Testimonials

“I knew there had to be more to life than lurching from one crisis to the next without time to recover.

“Understanding my nervous system a bit better has opened a door of hope that my future can be different from the past few stress-filled years. I have learned that I'm not too broken to fix. I'm only at the start of this journey but from what I've tasted in the 8 weeks of the Healing Foundations Class, I want to continue to pursue what I've learned, in order to gain greater freedom, fresh joy and strength to live well.”

“I feel like a new person...

“I feel like I have conquered my all-consuming anxiety & overwhelm. I have gained so much space and awareness of my state that drives my thoughts. I see myself for who I really am and see all of the protection behaviors I have adopted to cope that have served me once, but are no longer serving me. The best way to describe what I have gained is space. In only this short amount of time, I feel like a new person.”

“These 8 weeks have transformed my life!

“This program was instrumental in me understanding how/why I was feeling the way that I was and validated that there was nothing wrong with me as a person... I had unhealed trauma that I could unlearn the responses that had kept me safe for 30+ years. While it also taught me that this won't be healed overnight... These 8 weeks have transformed my life! I can't wait to slowly and surely heal these responses through the Transformation package and save my own life from this trauma stuck in my body and make my marriage a happier and healthier place for us to be in.

“This course changed my life. I never wanted it to be over.

Trying to put words to answer this makes me teary. The idea of a group setting, being vulnerable with strangers and a coach and being on video, no thanks!! And it was a significant investment. But my desperation for relief was somehow greater than all my fears. This course changed my life. I never wanted it to be over. I wish I could spend every week with these ladies, with Cortney and Joanna. It’s difficult to even articulate honestly. The concepts and teachings were so foreign to me and yet rocked my world. I experienced transformation in my thinking, in my body, in some past experiences, and in community. The healing from the group sessions were such a sweet unexpected surprise. But the compassion and brave vulnerability was life giving.”

“It has made me realize that it’s not too late to heal.

“The Healing Foundations Class gave me awareness, safety, hope, understanding and relief. It has made me realize that it’s not too late to heal and that my healing will have a profound effect on EVERY aspect in my life but most importantly my children!!! It’s provided me tools to help me not be the angry explosive person I once was. I’m able to slow down and see and handle situations differently. It really has just given me so much hope and excitement!!”

“I don't become so wrapped up in anxiety anymore...

“This program has literally given me the foundation I need to understand my body and bring awareness to my body and trauma. I don't become so wrapped up in anxiety anymore because I'm able to step back and say, ‘Hey, wait a minute. I know what's going on right now. I know why my body is responding in this way, and it makes so much sense! My body is doing an amazing job at keeping me safe.’”

“I’ve learned that I no longer need to simply survive.

“I can heal the ‘broken’ feelings inside of me and become the best version of myself. I have learned that I and my family deserve this version of me. I have already begun to see the ripple effects of my healing on my marriage and my husband as a person.

“The Healing Foundations Class has helped me look at healing from a completely different perspective.

I have seen therapists and spiritual directors for the past 9 years off and on trying to address it from a cognitive perspective, a spiritual perspective, literally any perspective to help! I’ve always put so much pressure on myself in these programs to heal, to white knuckle through it. Trying to hurry the process. In this course I have learned to trust and appreciate my nervous system, my body and the way it wants to heal.

“The Healing Foundations Class was definitely worth my investment. 

I knew I needed this for myself, my family, and the future generation.

“I am a classic ‘consumer’ of all things self-help without actually implementing the knowledge.”

“This program was the first time I truly had a game plan/plan of action for how to make the changes.”


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