Client Testimonials

For years I felt stuck in life, completely helpless (and hopeless) to be delivered from this rut that was my “normal.” I had tried counselors in the past, yet made no progress. Spending money on material things as a coping mechanism for my anxiety, sadness and unhealthy relationships was good enough for me...until it wasn’t.

It took a failed engagement from a narcissistic ex for me to wake up and decide to truly pursue healing. Enter Cortney. I see my steps perfectly arranged so clearly now - everything that led me to find this amazing life coach, who understood firsthand how childhood trauma impacted all of my poor decisions - which I learned was my nervous system simply trying to keep me safe. I stopped beating myself up and instead, for the first time in my life, showed myself grace and compassion. 

In the beginning spending the money on healing, instead of clothes or makeup, sent my NS into a tailspin, but halfway through the program I knew it was the best money I’d ever spent (and I regretted not doing it sooner)! Cortney has been such a blessing, and I would recommend her to anyone needing to get unstuck. I’ve also gained a friend for life, which I will be forever grateful for.

When I made the decision to start working with Katie, it was because I knew I needed help, I knew I needed something different from methods I’ve tried in the past, and my gut simply told me this was the right fit. Not only was I right, but she exceeded my expectations. To sit down and really map out our nervous system, how it works, why it works the way it does, and literally how I’ve gotten to where I am today at 32… was mind blowing! I always thought I had pretty good self-awareness prior to this program, but I was wrong! The tools that Katie taught me throughout the 12 weeks are tools that I can and will use every single day going forward. They are already helping me shape myself into the best version of me.

If anyone has any hesitation on doing this program, trust me when I say it’s worth the investment in yourself, your mind body and soul. Even me, someone with a bachelors degree in psychology and every self-help book on my bookshelf lol, I still found great value in this program and would not have changed a thing! I am forever grateful for the knowledge I gained within the last three months and I know that, with that knowledge, I will take the teachings into all of my days going forward.
Knowledge and awareness aside, Katie herself is simply amazing! Such a sweet, caring soul who really tunes in, listens to what you’re saying (& even what you’re not saying!) & deeply cares. After the first session I already felt like she was my new best friend. Thank you Katie for everything, and I am beyond happy to have met you!


Cortney has the perfect balance of trauma, mental health and understanding the power of God. What I love most about her coaching is that she knows how important all of these aspects are for healing and how they work together.

It’s easy to find someone to give you Christ centered guidance and it’s easy to find a trauma or mental health expert, but to find someone who can perfectly intertwine them and work toward healing is exactly what I needed and exactly what Cortney provides!

The world needs more of her and I am so appreciative of her help and genuine care. Thank you times a million, Cortney.


The time I spent with Katie over the last 3 months gave me new perspective and a deeper understanding of my past and my behavior patterns. After many years in therapy, I knew the origins of my struggles and understood my family history from a cognitive standpoint, but I had no idea about the role that the body (nervous system) played in all of it. This program bridged that gap and helped me connect the dots. I learned that the reason I continue to feel stuck, overwhelmed, anxious, powerless, and unworthy are not because there is something inherently wrong with me. Rather, this is my body’s way of protecting me from perceived threats. The tools I’ve learned from Katie and this program to connect with my body and regulate my emotions have changed my life. I know I will continue to have bad days, but I’m okay with that because now I feel equipped to face triggers and challenges. Also, seeing my behavior patterns and the patterns of family and friends through the lens of nervous system dysregulation has given me greater compassion towards myself and others.


Working with Cortney is a one of a kind experience that I am truly grateful for. I have been to numerous traditional talk therapists (and am even a psychotherapist myself), but have never truly felt seen, heard, or understood by any of them. Cortney has given me the knowledge to understand myself better and the tools to help me regulate myself when I am feeling activated.

Prior to this experience I felt ashamed for being in the mental health field and not having it all together myself, but working with a Cortney has helped me to accept that we are all human and to allow myself grace. This whole experience has been priceless and I feel so blessed to have been able to work with her.

Through this program, I gained so many tools to help myself release activation and to regulate. I didn't know how to do either of those things before and they make SUCH a difference in how I can handle day to day stressors. Starting to address core wounds and understand attachment and generational patterns has been so significant for me as well, to bring deep healing in places I didn't even realize were there.

Practicing those tools with Katie helped me learn how to do them in my day-to-day life. I also really appreciated having a safe place with Katie to process my journey. She was so supportive, validating and so helpful to me.

It was absolutely 100% worth the investment. I was nervous about the financial aspect at first but what I gained through it and how it has changed my life (and my kids lives...) is worth so much more.


I am the girl who has tried it all -- from years of therapy offices and reading every self help book known to man to oils, crystals and affirmations -- I have been on the hunt for my healing for the last decade. While all those modalities have been important in my path to healing, none has been as impactful as the coaching program I invested in with Cortney.


She has a way of speaking directly to the places that used to get me stuck before so that they could be seen and healed once and for all. I finally feel like I am off the rollercoaster.


She helped me to look at my story in a new way, while giving me ways to support my body for real forward movement, which has in turn, helped me to gain back my peace and real joy. I am no longer the victim in my story. I am equipped, empowered and unleashed for my greatest purpose.

I am so thankful for Cortney’s 1:1 Coaching Program. In 2019 I had gone through a series of traumatic events. I felt stuck and didn’t know how to process the events.

I found Cortney on Instagram. After my first initial call to discuss the program I knew I needed to sign up, but was nervous about investing in myself. I decided to go for it and do not regret it one bit.

My only regret is that I didn’t sign up for this program sooner.

For the past year I have been having very bad nightmares and waking myself up in the middle of the night from crying. In my nightmares I was always drowning or fighting someone. After somatically working through a particular traumatic event in a session with Cortney, I have no longer had any nightmares or cried in my sleep. I am finally getting good rest and feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off of me.

I am forever grateful for Cortney and her program.


I wish I would have discovered these resources 40 years ago. I would have been a better wife, parent and friend. I have learned to recognize my triggers and how to control my anxiety levels. I have also realized that my past traumas have controlled how I react to situations and things can be different in the future.


I have gained a deeper understanding of who I am as a person, and why I am that way...understanding this has allowed me to offer myself grace and compassion (no longer blaming myself for my justified feelings). I can recognize my body shifting, and I now have specific tools and strategies that work for me to move myself back up the ladder! I also have a better ability to communicate my feelings in a way that is listened to and heard...not placing blame or pointing fingers, but explaining how my body reacts to certain situations in a safe, heard way.

Working with Cortney was something I knew I needed, but wasn’t sure if I was ready to do. I’d sought out counseling and healing in the past, but often found myself just going through the motions of it. I didn’t want to face the things I was burying deep inside and would find myself just telling whoever I was working with what I thought they wanted to hear to make it seem as if I was getting better.


What Cortney provided was so different. She allowed me a safe place for me to feel, to be sad, to cry...but she didn’t just tell me it would be ok or give me a quick fix, the most important thing she did was acknowledge me and my feelings - which is what I had needed all along! She helped me see that not being seen was one of the root causes of why I felt the way I did and why I found myself in unhealthy relationships.


I am so grateful for Cortney and the healing, resources, and tools she provided me with. I know I am in a much better place because of my time working with her.


What a blessing Cortney is! Working with her has been the best investment and has changed the entire course of my life. I am still in complete awe of the healing I have from working together. For the first time in my adult life I feel safe, I feel seen, I feel peace. I understand who I am at the core and have countless resources to continue my healing journey. I believe whole heartedly in Cortney and this program and cannot recommend this enough. Please do this for yourself, it will be so worth it!


I have previously tried to work through things that have happened in my past with talk therapists, but I found myself still feeling like I was broken. This program provided me with tools and exercises to actually start healing. The program made me realize that I have the power to pull myself out of my anxious/sympathetic state. I don't have to stay in a state where I'm worried and stressed about the future so often. I also have the power to pull myself out of my defeated/dorsal state, so that I don't have to feel like everyone is against me and the future won't pan out the way I want it to.

I've gained the ability to forgive myself and hold space for my emotions and needs, as opposed to shaming myself or feeling like a burden. I've shed a lot of guilt and learned a new level of self-awareness. I feel like the growth and tools I've found in this season will serve as a catalyst for working towards my dreams and achieving those goals in the next season. I'm learning to see those who have hurt me through new eyes, which has given me more confidence to trust in myself and "throw off everything that hinders."


I gained tools that I need to ground myself in moments when I want to react out of my emotions. I have also become more self aware and can now understand why I feel the way that I do in different situations and the root cause while showing myself grace and self love in the process of my growth. I have also learned how to self regulate instead of depending on co-regulating majority of the time. I have learned to pay attention to my nervous system and body when things are going great and when something doesn’t feel like and to not ignore that and do what’s best for me.


Since becoming a mom I have found it hard to create “me” time or to invest in me. Ten weeks ago, I changed that and invested in Cortney's program! Through Cortney I have forgiven myself and others, enhanced my relationship with my husband, and become a better mother.

I had major breakthroughs with my anxiety and now ground myself at least twice a day, which in turn means more patience with my kids and less time “nagging” my husband. I learned so much about myself that now I give myself some grace. I could go on and on about the “small” things I learned but I think the best way to show you how Cortney changed my life is to give you three accomplishments I had during the ten-week program.

1. I discovered during my sessions that I subconsciously created chaos because it is what I was raised in. I communicated this to my husband after. A few days later, my husband was able to point out a situation in real time when I had asked him a question with the intention to stir up a fight. It helped us dodge another pointless fight and instead we went to bed happy!

2. I posted on social media the other day, not just a cute family picture but a statement about my mental health! This is huge for me. I felt my NS freaking out and I went for a walk instead of drinking and then I posted about it. Later Cortney was so kind and reached out to me to make sure I grounded myself after posting!

3. Most importantly – MY FAITH IS ON FIRE! I have been spending so much more time with the Lord and have seen huge prayers answered!

Great coaches don’t provide the answers, they ask the right questions. Cortney has a way of helping me pinpoint self-sabotaging behaviors and survival patterns that have kept me stuck.

I love her consistency and compassion. Cortney teaches me patience as I walk through this healing journey with her. After years of trying to do this on my own, I can finally say my true self has been awakened, and I’ve found the answers for my breakthrough.


I went to Cortney with a, b, c issues and she helped me realize that I had a whole lot of other issues I was just burying and helped me process and work through them all.

It was hard and uncomfortable but working with her made me feel it all in such an amazing way. Having me sit with an emotion I didn’t want to... guiding me in all the right ways to have me feel and process it.

I learned so much from her and I'm truly so excited for my future and all the possibilities there are because of all the tools and healing she provided me.


Cortney is a light, a wise woman, an invaluable resource and a gift to humanity. She changed my life in changing my perspective and knowledge, and I could never repay her for that.


Ever since the day I met her I've been getting better. I was in a very deep and dark place and I didn't want out. Somehow she helped me want to climb out. I'm doing better in school, and I'm happy doing the things I love. Thank you so much, Cortney!


I highly recommend working with Cortney!

She helped me identify the root cause of subconscious patterns I have been living out that no longer serve me and provided a safe space to process it.

She showed me practical ways to help me process and heal so that I can live my very best life and become who God created me to be! Her knowledge and extensive research, as well as her compassion for her clients, make her a phenomenal coach and teacher.

A year and a half ago my life was flipped upside down. I was on a journey to find me and learn to move on from my past. I thought I was doing everything I needed to, but couldn’t understand why my emotions kept coming back with a vengeance. I had been struggling for so long alone and I knew I couldn’t continue this journey on my own. I needed help. I was terrified at first because I knew it was going to dig up so many emotions from the past and boy was I scared. Suppressing my emotions was something I was great at!! I had enough and wanted to say yes to myself.

Cortney was god-sent to me and showed up in my life at the perfect time. God knew I needed her. I had been putting myself aside for so many years and I finally took a leap of faith and said yes to myself and my future!! I knew I had to dig up the ugly to get to the beautiful part!! Cortney has given me so many wonderful tools to use on my continued journey of healing from trauma and triggers!! The best part of it is I get to share these tools and techniques with my son who is almost 5. Not only have I come out as a new person, that is finally truly happy and confident, I have gained a lifetime of lessons and a beautiful lifetime friend!! No matter what you have gone through or are currently going through just remember that you are worthy and you are enough to invest in yourself!!! Your future self will thank you because I know I can’t thank myself enough!!


I knew that I needed something different, but when I found Cortney I had no idea that she and this program would be exactly what I was looking for.


This has been the best investment I could have ever made in and for myself. What a life changing experience! I cannot wait to continue learning about myself and my nervous system, sharpening my skills, and thanking little me for keeping me safe all of these years.


I couldn’t have done this without you, Cortney! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  

Cortney’s guidance was exactly what I needed to build a foundation for my Nervous System. Each week working 1:1 with Cortney was one step closer to feeling safe in my body!


The amount of tools, knowledge, and closure I was able to experience and take away is life changing. The best part is she helps you build the foundation. So you feel confident to keep building trust with yourself on your journey.


Grateful for this experience with Cortney! No better feeling than feeling safe in your own body.


Katie is wise,  supportive,  warm, attentive, and committed to helping others on their healing journeys. She helped me process and release childhood trauma that  I’ve carried for 43 years.  This work was incredibly painful and emotional at times but so liberating. And Katie walked along side me every step of the way, gently and patiently guiding me and encouraging me. I’ve never felt  saferand never more seen and heard. Releasing my pain, using the tools I’ve learned, and body awareness are  allowing me to reconnect with my authentic self and transform my trauma into growth. I feel empowered for the first time in my life to become the woman God created me to be, and I am beyond grateful for Katie and this program. It was worth every tear and penny!

Going through the program with Cortney’s guidance was literally transformational for me.

As a man, I always felt that the way to deal with anxiety or sadness is to ignore my inner feelings and power through. This approach did not work well on the long term though.

Getting to know all the tools and techniques that Cortney teaches, allowed me to take a completely different route, one that brought me to a place of higher self-confidence, more inner strength, better understanding of my inner self, a way better control of my inner world and improved relationships overall.

I cannot recommend this high enough!!!


When I put in a request for information for this program, I was going through my day in a complete daze -- mostly disassociated from my world. I snapped at my kids easily, I retreated from my husband and lived in a place of isolation. I didn't feel depressed but I just felt like I didn't know how to get out of this 'funk' and knew I needed something. So I gave this program a try and it SERIOUSLY changed my life. I am SUCH a healthier person, mom and wife -- my husband and I have never had a stronger marriage just in these last 3 months and I am seeing changes in my kids just from how I am able to be with them and help us regulate through our day at home together. I cannot thank you enough for helping me get out of my hole and learn about who I am, what I need and how I can really help myself daily and in return, help my family!

Working with Katie was exactly what I needed in my life and I would do it all over again. I thought my anxiety and depression was hereditary, but Katie showed me the tools to feel more calm and secure. I really enjoyed learning about the different states of our nervous system and how it’s normal for us to feel anxious or worn out or secure all in one day. I absolutely have a more flexible nervous system now and I know how to move my ladder to feeling secure and capable. The time I spend being anxious is a lot less now. I don’t let my bad moments ruin my entire day anymore.

Katie is extremely good at what she does and making you feel seen and like you truly make sense. She listens and she explains why you feel the way you feel, and then she gives you the tools to do the healing work. I will continue to go back to the tools as I work through healing for my whole life.

We laughed together and I cried tears, always finishing a session feeling seen. It was exactly what I needed!

P.s. I feel like I’m ending with a friend I can trust by my side.


I’ve tried a few other types of therapy, and trauma informed coaching offered an entire new aspect that revolved around the health of your nervous system. Working with Katie was the first type of therapy that I’ve had in a few years that actually helped me to heal some of my core wounds. She finds the root of your pain and then spends time helping you to heal what originally hurt you.

Katie helps you to realize that a lot of your wounds are just lies that you believed from traumatic experiences. Now that I’m finishing the program I can see glimmers, and I can see hope, and I can recognize disconfirming experiences. I know that I can live my life fully and be happy for myself and my kids and my husband. I’m going forward truly enjoying my life! There will still be life‘s challenges but I’m confident because I have the tools to regulate anytime a trigger arises.

I’m grateful for the education and healing work and I’m grateful that it was Katie that worked with me through it all. She is such a special healing coach and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone in my life.