I've got GOOD NEWS, girl!!!


You don't have to feel powerless or helpless to your thoughts, emotions or circumstances anymore.

You don't have to let anxiety wreck havoc on your plans.

You no longer have to hear your partner say "what's with the tone", or feel embarrassed because you snapped at the sweet innocent hostess.

Your mood swings don't have to ruin your day (and everyone else's). 

You can actually have motivation instead of dreading every task on your to do list.

You can take your power and authority back, girl!

You can be consistent again.

You can start to feel seen, safe, loved and worthy all by yourself.

You can have agency, confidence and security.

You can have profound peace whenever you want it.

And it all starts with your nervous system. 

When anxiety hit you in the past, I'm sure you've tried to talk yourself down with thoughts like "I'm fine", "this is not a big deal" or "get over it already", but it didn't seem to work, right?

That's because anxiety is a symptom of a self-protective nervous system state, and so are mood swings, intrusive or self-criticizing thoughts, defensive responses, unpleasant emotions, low energy levels and fatigue.

Anxiety is a physiological response to a perceived threat or stressor in your environment, like being in a room filled with intimidating people that you don't know (feels threatening to me, idk about you). 

You’ve probably also noticed that positive affirmations and self-help books aren’t cutting it - that’s because you can’t just change your mindset and change your life.

In other words, you can't think your way out of a physiological survival response.

We have to get back to our biology.

This electronic workbook will help you do just that. By getting curious and listening to your body, you can identify when your nervous system has slipped out of it's state of safety, referred to as Ventral, and into a self protective state due to perceived threats and stressors in your life.

You’ll get a toolbox of regulation practices for each specific state so you can respond to your body in its own language and safely bring your nervous system back to safety, peace and connection.

Understanding your nervous system is one of the first and most important steps towards healing and rediscovering your most authentic self.

I'm Ready!

Wanna Know More?


Here's what you'll get:

Identify Your State E-book


  • An introduction to the six nervous system states (three primary states & three blended states)
  • Three page questionnaire to help you identify which state your nervous system is in: Ventral, Sympathetic, Dorsal, or Freeze.

  • Regulation strategies categorized by their purpose
  • An understanding of why the regulation strategy works, so you can discover more tools that may work for you
  • Self discovery exercises to help you identify what regulation strategies might work for you personally
  • 18 Regulation tools categorized by nervous system state


  • Introductory Video Lesson by Cortney
  • Video of Cortney demonstrating 2 regulation tools listed in the e-book


only $19.99!

Give it to me!

What people are saying


"Understanding my nervous system alone has changed, and more importantly SAVED, my life." 


"I know tools to help myself release activation and to regulate. I didn't know how to do either of those things before and they make SUCH a difference in how I can handle day to day stressors."

Okay, gimme the book already!

We are so glad you are here!

Hi, I'm Cortney!

I founded You Can Heal With Us, to help highly-resilient and ambitious women like you receive education, resources and tools to actually integrate and process their past pain and trauma. 

I've spent the last 7 years pursuing my own healing and teaching others how to do the same through speaking, training and coaching.

I am a firm believer that God brilliantly designed our bodies to self-protect, adapt and heal.  Most of us have had life experiences that have unknowingly caused us to adapt and self-protect to the extreme and need a little help relearning how to feel safe again so we can finally heal.  I am honored to get to walk alongside some of the bravest and most resilient women I know as they step into true healing. I can't wait to show you that you are safe and you make sense!

Hi, I'm Katie!

I've been where you are. I attended traditional talk therapy for years and spent countless hours reading "self help" books, but nothing seemed to change.  I felt incredibly stuck and frustrated in my own life.  

It wasn't until I did this program, learned the tools to physically (instead of just cognitively) implement into my daily life and learned how to SHOW my body that I was safe that I started to transform and become who I always knew I was created to be.

Now, I have the privilege of meeting other women where they are and helping them get to where they want to be. It's an honor to be able to teach you everything I have learned and walk with you through the same steps I took to finally experience freedom. You deserve to heal!

We are trauma informed and trained practitioners. 

We take our training and education very seriously.  Between the two of us, we have received trainings in the following: 

Somatic Experiencing through the Trauma Healing Institute founded by Dr. Peter Levine

Polyvagal Theory by Dr. Stephen Porges and Deb Dana, LCSW

Attachment Theory

Internal Family Systems