Identify Your State E-book

First things first...


You deserve to feel safe again. 


You deserve to heal.


We want to show you how.


We offer trauma informed coaching, somatic tools and a safe community so you can heal with us and reach your full potential. 

It's not you,

it's your nervous systemTM

You Make Sense.


Nothing is wrong with you.  In fact, every single thing you do—every behavior—makes sense through the lens of trauma and self-protection. When your nervous system is overwhelmed from past trauma or current stress, the walls come up and you shut down.


With a trauma-informed approach to life coaching, we’ll walk through a process designed to reintroduce safety into your nervous system so you can begin to heal. 


This isn’t theory. We’ll go through evidence-based research that proves you make sense, and we’ll break down exactly what’s been happening in your brain and your body.


What People are Saying:

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You are safe here. 

When you feel safe, you will begin to heal. 




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