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Trauma-informed Life Coaching

Finding safety through healing your nervous system

The healing journey is an ongoing process for all of us.

It’s our goal to equip all of our clients with the knowledge, resources and tools to have a strong foundation before taking them to the depths of healing. We have learned that everyone’s nervous system needs context, connection and choice in order to feel safe enough to do the deeper healing work.

That’s why all of our clients begin with our flagship hybrid program, The Healing Foundations Class. This class includes both a group component to provide knowledge, tools and a safe community for connection as well as one on one sessions where we begin to somatically process what needs to heal.

But 8 weeks is just not enough time to heal decades of unresolved pain. After The Healing Foundations Class, our clients are invited to continue with us in our sequel program, The Transformation, which is a 12 week one-on-one container... but only if they’re ready!

Clients also have the option to continue with a la carte one-on-one sessions instead of (or in addition to) The Transformation program.

You only need to know the next right step on your healing journey.

Overview of Our Programs

Healing Foundations Class:

An 8-week hybrid group and 1:1 experience to turn anxiety into lasting self-compassion - so that you can get unstuck from your past and bring a felt sense of safety back to your body with trauma-informed and somatic-based principles.

The Transformation Program:

Build on your momentum from the Healing Foundations Class with The 12-week Transformation Program. Get ready to become the best version of you, somatically process your past experiences, determine how your relationship with money is holding you back and take your growth to the next level.

1:1 Add-ons

Are you ready for even more healing?

Add on a single session to gain more breakthroughs or somatically process through your experiences.


“I have been going to traditional talk therapy for years, but I would still end up finding myself stuck and overwhelmed. This master class has helped me understand why I feel stuck or frozen. It has given me practical tools to help me move forward. Thanks to my work with Cortney and Katie, I’ve made more progress than I have in the last 5 years combined. I have more compassion for myself and more confidence in my ability to handle triggering/stressful situations in a healthy manner.”

Learn More About Our Programs

Step 1: The Healing Foundations Class

Goals: Knowledge & Tools
8 week class

The Healing Foundations Class will enable you to gain the Knowledge and Awareness of areas that need help, as well as learning the tools to start the healing process. We will establish a sense of safety by understanding symptoms of unresolved trauma and identify root causes in the support of a safe community.

Step 2: The Transformation Program

Goals: Integrate & Embody
12 week program

We will experience healing Somatically by integrating past experiences so you can have a felt sense of freedom instead of just intellectually understanding what happened. Discover and unburden survival strategies so you can embody your most authentic self.

During the 12 weeks of this one-on-one container program, somatically reprocess and heal core wounds with your practitioner.

Step 3: Individual Sessions As Needed

Goals: Ongoing Support

Support your continued healing journey as new wounds are identified, if needed.

In a one on one container, somatically reprocess wounds with your practitioner as you discover them.

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