Healing Foundations Class

Education, Awareness & Regulation

Our flagship foundational 8-week introductory class designed to fill in the gaps of everything else you've triedequipping you with the practical tools, somatic-based resources and trauma-informed education you've been missing in your healing journey so you can begin to re-introduce safety to your nervous system and finally understand your behaviors with a lens of compassion instead of shame.

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Are you ready for effective tools and resources that will help you feel internal peace when everything around you seems to be spinning out of control?


Of course you are! 


Do you want to finally gain an understanding of the relational patterns and behaviors that you've been trying to change for years?


You deserve this, girl!


Do you want the life-changing experience of feeling seen, heard, known, understood and supported by a group of like-minded women?


 We know you do! 


But often past traumatic, painful or shameful experiences in group settings can give your nervous system evidence of the core wound that “it is not safe to be seen”. 

So it makes so much sense that your nervous system would try to convince you to avoid group settings at all costs.


However, avoiding everything that could possibly cause you pain is not healing (it's actually a sign of some unresolved trauma).

Instead of avoiding things that remind our bodies of painful past experiences, we need to notice and honor our body’s desire to protect us as we move towards something that reminds us of experiences that may have caused us harm, while at the same time begin to gently move towards the things our most authentic self is longing for and deserves… like safe, supportive community!


This is the work, girl!


So here’s your invitation to take in these testimonials of past client experiences of the one-of-a-kind safe experience of the group setting the Healing Foundations Class container provides.

“To feel seen, heard, understood, and supported made my healing journey so much less isolating.”


I wasn't sure if group therapy was my thing and quite honestly felt a little intimidating. However, by pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I quickly learned that there is SO much benefit to group therapy. To feel seen, heard, understood, and supported made my healing journey so much less isolating. The benefit of group therapy and having women from across the country hold space for me... there's nothing like it. I miss it so much.

“The group was my favorite part.” 


I almost didn't do it because of the group setting. I won't even do group fitness classes! But now that it's over, the group was my favorite part. I still talk to some of the women from my group often.

“It was so wonderful to feel like I wasn't alone.”


Our group was really special. I think I learned something new from everyone's story/hot seat. It was so wonderful to feel like I wasn't alone in my hurting. A few faces became safe places for me and I was so happy to see them there every week.

Now that you have seen the evidence, notice how your body feels.

 Does it want to experience the possibility of life-long emotionally healthy and stable friendships with other like-minded women who are doing the work? 


If so, this just might be the right container for you!


Get ready to meet your new healing BFFs soon!!! 


What is included in the Healing Foundations Class?

Orientation Video Tutorial

($97 value)

Know what to expect before the class begins and get oriented with how everything works so that you can start with a foundation of empowerment.

(8) LIVE 2-Hour Group Coaching Calls (16 Hours Total)

($4,800 value)

Since emotional safety, connection, and compassion are at the heart of the Healing Foundations course, each week we’ll come together to discover a new teaching on healing. Have a question? You’ll get the chance to ask your questions LIVE and get clarity on anything that comes up for you throughout the calls. If you can’t attend live, you can watch the replay and you’ll get 1 year access to watch the recordings. 

Transformational Healing Workbook (shipped to your door!)

($197 value)

Each week includes its own implementation workbook that will take everything you learn in the group coaching calls and deepen your awareness and understanding in your real life. The workbook is where the deeper work happens and where transformation meets reality. You don’t have to print it yourself, either! It’ll land on your doorstep, ready to use. 

Somatic Regulation Toolkit

($197 value)

Befriend and reshape your nervous system with these self-regulation and somatic tools. You’ll get to the next level of your healing journey, begin to process uncomfortable sensations, and introduce more safety for your system.


Exclusive Healing Journal Prompts

($97 value)

How would it feel to hold space for your emotions and needs, as opposed to shaming yourself or feeling like a burden? Rediscover your most authentic self and meet yourself with compassion when you self-reflect with any one of these 50+ journal prompts exclusive to clients.


The Drama Triangle Video Series

($497 value)

Deepen your understanding of the most common conflict pattern so that you can be aware of how the nervous system plays a role and how regulation can help you avoid this conflict. Dodge pointless fights, and instead have more patience with your kids, partner or spouse, family, and coworkers!

Trauma's Impact on Brain Video Series

($497 value)

Each one of us has an authentic self - who you were and who God made you to be before the pain or the trauma got ahold of you. Begin to uncover that authentic self by understanding the context of how your brain is affected by stress so that you can claim your power to regulate yourself whenever a stressful moment arises.

Exclusive Community


Imagine how supported you’ll feel meeting like-minded, safe and supportive women going through the same process as you and hearing their hearts. You'll get access to an intimate community experience to give you the support you deserve to remind you that you aren’t alone.



Emotional Brain Dump Guide

($297 value)

Work through overwhelming events that feel too big to process, by breaking the event down into smaller pieces that feel more manageable to navigate and take action.

Back Pocket Somatic Toolkit

($97 value)

This simple gameplan is like a somatic regulation toolkit in your back pocket to use whenever you’re under stress. Help yourself in the moment when feeling dysregulated instead of hauling around your binder and being overwhelmed looking through 75+ options.

Sensation Tracker Follow-Along

($97 value)

Strengthen your body’s felt sense of safety by following this somatic sensation tracking exercise.

14 Exclusive Audio Meditations

($297 value)

Get exclusive access to a compilation of 14 somatic, intergenerational trauma healing, and breathwork meditations, all used to effectively rewire your brain and reshape your nervous system as you gradually move through the healing process.

Identify the Part E-book

($97 value)

This exclusive workbook, which has only been available to our prior coaching clients, shortens the path to processing triggers and self-healing. You don't have to stay stuck in a state where you’re worried and stressed about the future so often, or as if everyone is against you. Instead, pull yourself out of feeling defeated, self-regulate instead of only depending on others, and show yourself grace and self-love.

Somatic Tool Video Demos

($97 value)

You don’t have to sift through a 90-minute call to recall a new tool you learned. These video demonstrations provide you a quick reference on how to apply a somatic tool to your real life whenever you feel stressed in the moment.

Let's recap what you get in the Healing Foundations Class!


The Healing Foundations course includes:

  • Orientation Video ($97 value)

  • 8 LIVE 2-hour Group Coaching Calls - 16 Hours Total ($4800 value)

  •  Transformational Healing Workbook ($197 value)

  • Somatic Regulation Toolkit ($197 value)

  • Exclusive Healing Journal Prompts ($97 value)

  • The Drama Triangle Video Series ($497 value)

  • Trauma's Impact on Brain Video Series ($497 value)

  •  Exclusive Community (Priceless!)


    Plus, BONUSES

  • Emotional Brain Dump Guide ($297 value)

  • 14 Exclusive Audio Meditations ($297 value)

  • Identify The Part E-book ($97 value)

  • Somatic Tool Video Demos ($97 value)

  • Back Pocket Somatic Toolkit ($97 value)

  • Sensation Tracker Follow Along ($97 value)



Upcoming Classes:

Starting Sunday, September 8th at 5pm CST

The classes meet every Sunday at 5pm for 8 weeks. 


You have two payment options to choose from:



Get access to an extra 1 hour community Q&A Call with Cortney when you pay in full
Secure Your Spot (Pay in Full)



 For 3 months 
Secure Your Spot (Monthly)

Need financing?

Would you like to pay a lump sum now and finance the rest of the payment over 6 months? Is there some other payment plan you need? If so, email us at [email protected] and let us know what you need and we will do our best to work with you! 
If you're like us, you'll want to take the time to honor your own choice and agency. Check out the curriculum details here

“This class is well worth every penny.”


I first signed up for the class in hopes of obtaining tools to help my PPA (postpartum anxiety). After just the first class, I knew that there was way more that needed healing than just my anxiety.

Each week, I learned more about myself, why my body reacts a certain way in situations, the truth behind the relationships I have, and tools (so many tools) to help me regulate my emotional state. It all makes so much sense now!

I can truthfully say that I am a different person than when I started the class and am still changing every day I use these tools. I will continue to take what I’ve learned from each class for years to come! This class is well worth every penny, as Cortney and Katie pour their hearts into each lesson and hold sacred space for their students each and every week.

These 8 weeks were like getting a masters degree in how my brain and nervous system work.


For me, this program was completely life changing! I have spent years thinking I was broken. Full of anxiety, battling depression, procrastination and chronic fatigue. I have seen countless doctors and tried every medication, but nothing worked…until now. For the first time I realize that I am not broken and I make sense! I have learned why I feel and act the way I do, and more importantly how to change it for the better.

These 8 weeks were like getting a masters degree in how my brain and nervous system work. I feel so empowered now to take charge of my life and my emotional health! Cortney is doing life changing work and I would (and do) recommend this program to everyone I know! Best investment in myself I have ever made!


Meet Your Educator

Hi, I'm Cortney!

I’m so glad you’re here. I’m the founder of You Can Heal with Us. I’ve invested hundreds of hours in mastering my skills as a trauma-informed coach from top trauma experts like Dr. Peter Levine, Diane Poole Heller, Dr. Stephen Porges, Frank Anderson and Deb Dana.

I’m on a mission to help highly resilient and ambitious women just like you feel empowered to heal from past traumas.

When I first started my healing journey, I didn’t know that my anxiety and insomnia were the result of how unsafe I felt in my body.  In fact, none of my doctors or mental health practitioners even mentioned my body.

Can you relate?

I've also discovered that many of us have tried to feel heard many times before, but the environment or relationship wasn’t safe or able to hold the space for it. ⁣

Being in relationships or environments that don’t feel safe conditions us to believe that our story isn’t valid or that it didn’t matter. ⁣

Your story does matter, girl.

I know how scary it is to speak up in fear that you may be rejected, judged, or worse, that no one will believe you. ⁣

This is why a pivotal step toward healing is allowing yourself to be heard by people who can safely hold space and reintroduce what safety feels like to your body. 

This is also why I’m committed to creating the best group experience that includes a live experience and 1:1 support, so you can experience feeling heard and safe.

Watch Cortney's Story
Give me the details!

“This trauma healing class was hands down the best.”


I've done multiple therapy sessions, a community trauma course, weekend long personal development/growth trainings, hired coaches, etc. but this trauma healing masterclass was hands down the best one yet. The information given, the education taught, and her leadership was unlike any other. You are given actual tools to implement into your every day life to manage, work through, & heal your traumas.

I have learned how to regulate myself in times where I feel anxious, down, overwhelmed, instead of thinking I just need to "deal with it." That in itself has brought me so much relief, but also learning to receive the peace that comes with it instead of feeling guilty for listening to myself and what I want in that moment. If you are thinking about embarking on your healing journey or even just beginning on your own personal development journey to gaining a better understanding of yourself, without a doubt I would recommend Cortney and this class. Thank you Cortney for being a light in this world and taking a stand to change the lives of others!

A Guarantee to Reassure You That You Make Sense

Hi! We know it can feel really scary investing in a group program.

Will I feel heard?

How is the community?

Will it finally be different after all of the money and time I’ve already spent on my healing?

These worries make total sense. You make sense.

We’re never going to ask our students to do anything that doesn’t feel safe. You showing up and being willing to invest in yourself in adopting new tools to introduce more safety to your body is the strongest commitment we can ask for.

That’s why you have 7 full days after the first class to request a refund if you feel that the course isn’t providing you with what you thought it would.

In that time, not only will you have already attended a live group coaching call, but you will have also participated in the community, have the workbook in your hands, access to the orientation materials, and instant access to several educational resources.

You can also ask us anything. Whatever you need to move past a moment of feeling stuck or shutdown.

We won’t guilt-trip you out of a refund. No questions asked.

We take our work with our clients seriously, and we don’t take your investment lightly.

If this doesn’t feel like a safe investment for you, simply email our assistant Janel ([email protected]) directly within 7 full days after the first group coaching call (before the second group coaching call), and we’ll personally thank you for taking the chance to invest and refund you promptly.

Easy and safe.

“Nothing has been as impactful as the coaching program I invested in with Cortney.”

I am the girl who has tried it all -- from years of therapy offices and reading every self help book known to man to oils, crystals and affirmations -- I have been on the hunt for my healing for the last decade. While all those modalities have been important in my path to healing, none has been as impactful as the coaching program I invested in with Cortney. 

She has a way of speaking directly to the places that used to get me stuck before so that they could be seen and healed once and for all. I finally feel like I am off the rollercoaster.

 She helped me to look at my story in a new way, while giving me ways to support my body for real forward movement, which has in turn, helped me to gain back my peace and real joy. I am no longer the victim in my story. I am equipped, empowered and unleashed for my greatest purpose.

Answers You Need to Make an Informed Choice

“My nervous system is in the healthiest place that it has been.”


After completing the 8-week class, I can honestly say that I have been profoundly impacted and seen healing in 8 weeks which is really mind-blowing to me. I have made so much progress and my nervous system is in the healthiest place that it has been since the illness and death of my husband. I learned so much through every week of the class with great teaching and equipping through both Cortney and Katie.

They gave us so many resources, tools, wisdom, and insights on how to very practically apply what we were learning in ways that I personally saw immediate results. I learned so much from the other ladies in the class (one of the great benefits of the class) and felt a camaraderie surrounded by the support and understanding that each one offered.

I came away from the class with renewed hope and fresh vision for how trauma and post-traumatic stress can be transformed to growth and practical healing. It's as if "pieces of the puzzle" (after years of searching) began to fall into place with greater ease and make as Cortney says "total sense.” And suddenly it does make sense! I would highly recommend the class for anyone, but especially for those who feel they are doing the work, but still getting stuck and spinning their wheels. I thank the Lord for these precious ladies and their committed hearts to the healing journey.

You may be questioning if you’re worthy of investing in yourself.

⁣There’s nothing wrong with you if the things you’ve tried before didn’t work for you. You make sense. In fact, every single thing you have done makes sense through the lens of trauma and self-protection.

You always have the choice to continue to listen to books and podcasts, if it doesn’t feel safe to spend money on yourself.

But if you want to experience a unique container that balances trauma-informed, evidence-based research and faith within a safe community that is designed to hold space for your truth…

So that you can finally disrupt the unhelpful loops you’ve been stuck in for years and experience feeling heard…

…this is your time. 

We are honored and can’t wait to walk alongside you as you step into true healing.


Enroll now!


“Cortney helped me work with my nervous system and I was able to get rid of my headaches without taking medication!”


This course has helped me so much in different aspects of my life that were unexpected. I just so happened to take this during a very stressful time in my life (A God thing I’m certain). When I’m stressed I get really bad tension headaches. Cortney helped me work with my nervous system and I was able to get rid of my headaches without taking medication! She has been so generous with her time and available to answer questions. I also feel that I can see a difference in my relationships because of what I learned in this course. It has really been a game-changer for me and I am so much looking forward to our one-on-one sessions!