After completing the 8 week Masterclass, I can honestly say that I have been profoundly impacted and seen healing in 8 weeks that is really mind blowing to me.  I have made so much progress and my nervous system is in the healthiest place that it has been since the illness and death of my husband.  I learned so much through every week of the class with great teaching and equipping through both Cortney and Katie.  They gave us so many resources, tools, wisdom, and insights on how to very practically apply what we were learning in ways that I personally saw immediate results.  I learned so much from the other ladies in the class (one of the great benefits of the Masterclass) and felt a camaraderie surrounded by the support and understanding that each one offered. I came away from the Masterclass with renewed hope and fresh vision for how trauma and post traumatic stress can be transformed to growth and practical healing.  It's as if "pieces of the puzzle" (after years of searching) began to fall into place with greater ease and make as Cortney says "total sense".  And suddenly it does make sense!  I would highly recommend the class for anyone, but especially for those who feel they are doing the work, but still getting stuck and spinning their wheels.  I thank the Lord for these precious ladies and their committed hearts to the healing journey.

The Healing Masterclass is one of the best holistic self- development investments I’ve made. It encompasses WAY more than you think you could ever cover in 8 sessions. After years of counseling, prayer retreats and things like that- I still didn’t have control over my emotions. Through Cortney’s nervous system coaching, I for the first time in my life have been empowered to regulate myself and understand why I do what I do.

The freedom and tools I gained in this course provided a level of breakthrough I didn’t think I would ever see. Also seeing the rest of the ladies in class experience healing was so powerful, inspiring and made me feel less isolated. Thank you to Cortney and Katie who provided a safe environment and consistently showed up for us weekly to make healing possible!


I have been through years of therapy, counseling, medications for anxiety and depression and countless books or podcasts, but I have always felt there was a missing part. I couldn’t figure out how to “fix the broken thing”. I grabbed onto the Healing Masterclass like it was a life raft after listening to Cortney speak during a meeting. She was speaking directly to the “broken piece”. Despite being a nurse, a mom and having such a deep desire to break toxicity in my life… this class actually GAVE me the tools and the instruction to finally start healing. Cortney and the Healing Masterclass taught me that I’m not broken, my poor nervous system is just really overworked! And that I can heal and grow by healing my mind and body. This class is life changing. 

This course has helped me so much in different aspects of my life that were unexpected. I just so happened to take this during a very stressful time in my life (A God thing I’m certain). When I’m stressed I get really bad tension headaches. Cortney helped me work with my nervous system and I was able to get rid of my headaches without taking medication! She has been so generous with her time and available to answer questions. I also feel that I can see a difference in my relationships because of the information I learned in this course. It has really been a game changer for me and I am so much looking forward to our one on one sessions!


I have been going to traditional talk therapy for years, but I would still end up finding myself stuck and overwhelmed. This master class has helped me understand why I feel stuck or frozen. It has given me practical tools to help me move forward. Thanks to my work with Cortney and Katie, I’ve made more progress than I have in the last 5 years combined. I have more compassion for myself and more confidence in my ability to handle triggering/stressful situations in a healthy manner. Another amazing benefit of the master class is hearing likeminded women, who struggle with similar things. When you hear “me too”, you don’t feel so alone. Highly highly highly recommend this program. Totally worth the investment! 

I first signed up for the Healing Masterclass in hopes of obtaining tools to help my PPA. After just the first class, I knew that there was way more that needed healing than just my anxiety.

Each week, I learned more about myself, why my body reacts a certain way in situations, the truth behind the relationships I have, and tools (so many tools) to help me regulate my emotional state.  It all makes so much sense now! 

I can truthfully say that I am a different person than when I started the Masterclass and am still changing every day I use these tools. I will continue to take what I’ve learned from each class for years to come! This Masterclass is well worth every penny, as Cortney and Katie pour their hearts into each lesson and hold sacred space for their students each and every week.


I’m so thankful that I happened to find Cortney’s Instagram page. I had been learning a lot from her posts & kept seeing a friend of mine share about their experiences working with Cortney. I went through a hard time this summer & a lot of my childhood trauma was coming up but I didn’t know what to do with it. I felt a push to join the healing masterclass & I’m so glad I did!

Not only did it help me figure out why I was reacting to things the way I was, but Cortney reassured me that my body was brilliant for protecting me the way it had all these years. Reactions that I had gotten shamed over for years were now being explained & made sense! I feel so grateful to have the workbook that came with this course to have & take into the rest of my life. This course taught me that healing work is never ending, but there’s nothing wrong with that & there’s nothing wrong with me. Because of this course I now have the tools to respond to traumatic events in a much better way that I’ve ever known to in the past.

I've done multiple therapy sessions, a community trauma course, weekend long personal development/growth trainings, hired coaches, etc. but this trauma healing masterclass was hands down the best one yet. The information given, the education taught, and her leadership was unlike any other. You are given actual tools to implement into your every day life to manage, work through, & heal your traumas. I have learned how to regulate myself in times where I feel anxious, down, overwhelmed, instead of thinking I just need to "deal with it." That in itself has brought me so much relief, but also learning to receive the peace that comes with it instead of feeling guilty for listening to myself and what I want in that moment. If you are thinking about embarking on your healing journey or even just beginning on your own personal development journey to gaining a better understanding of yourself, without a doubt I would recommend Cortney and this masterclass. Thank you Cortney for being a light in this world and taking a stand to change the lives of others! 


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